Haiku writing exercise

Haiku Writing Exercise with Prompts

Use this series of visual haiku writing prompts to exercise your haiku writing skills! Writing haiku means capturing a single moment in time. These prompts will help spur your imagination!


Haiku are short poems that capture a singular moment in time, often with a focus on nature. The following haiku writing exercise is a series of photos that capture a single moment. Use these photos to prompt your imagination and write a haiku poem that represents each.

Don’t know how to write a haiku? Learn everything you need to know here! Then come back to this page and practice writing your own.

Tips for writing Haiku:

  • Haiku is an ancient and beloved form of poetry that uses the 5-7-5 pattern. This pattern means that your poem’s first line should be five syllables, the second is seven, and the third is another five syllables.
  • Haiku can be about anything, but traditional Haiku often describe nature. Many of the photos in this post incorporate movement. As you write, try to translate this movement into words. Many Haiku have solid forward momentum. 
  • Just as a photo captures a single moment in time, so should your Haiku. Think of your poem as a quick snapshot. This poem should paint a picture in your readers’ minds. As you write, imagery should be top of mind. 
  • Choose a photo that speaks to you or stirs a memory of your past. Most of all, enjoy yourself, and have fun!

Haiku Writing Exercise Prompts –

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haiku writing exercise

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